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Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.

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Welcome to Baba Farid College of Management & Technology

  • The current scenario in the local, national and international level is of intense competition with equal opportunity to all. The world has grown phenomenally in the past decade than ever before. Education which has always played an important role in the life of man has gained a lot of importance in the present times because it is not only what you have but how much you know which determines your success today.
    India today stands as world's third largest economic power, its economy growing at around 8%, Indian Entrepreneurs emerging as global entrepreneurs, Indians figuring increasingly in the list of the richest persons in the world, India's knowledge power making India as a preferred destination for out sourcing knowledge services from India, India fast emerging as a destination for world class R&D Centers and Innovation hub. This mindset is well incorporated into the mind of our students so that we can envision the signs of even a brighter tomorrow for India and its people.
    "A desire can change nothing, a decision can change something but a determination can change everything".

Baba Farid College of Management & Technology
Khudaganj Road,Faridpur,Bareilly - Pin 243503 ,  Faridpur- Uttar Pradesh
+91 9412290621, 8307501518

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